Channel Regional Arts Group
CRAG is an incorporated body representing the wide variety of artists and crafts-people in the D'Entrecasteaux Channel (Kingborough), southern Tasmania. CRAG acts as a body that represents the Arts in the Kingborough region on various boards, committees and organisation.

Dick Smith lives again!

The Channel Regional Art Expo bubbled into life at the former Dick Smith shop in Channel Court on the weekend of 1st-3rd December.

On Thursday the Lions Club of Kingborough delivered the boards so that a hardy group of volunteers could create eighteen booths and some display space in the big, white box shop.

On Friday the artists and craft people set up their stalls and the place burst into a feast of life and colour. A glorious variety of items were arranged and displayed in close communion.

The event was a joint venture of the Lions Club and the Channel Regional Arts Group. Its functions were to raise funds for the Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation and to enable local artists to display and sell their works.

At five o’clock people arrived for the opening and the auction. Tony Roney gave a most informative talk about the work of the Foundation. Rotarian Neville Moane entertained us all while auctioning thirteen pieces that had been generously donated by the participants, raising over $1300 for this excellent cause.

On Saturday and Sunday, despite persistent rain, a steady stream of people came to admire, discuss and occasionally purchase the treasures on display. There were pictures large and small and in various media. Ceramics and photography, textiles and card sculptures. In one corner Ned Trewartha displayed his furniture and his creativity with beautiful Tasmanian timbers. In another Annamarie Magnus displayed her work on her loom of many strings and levers. Elizabeth Hunn sat with easel and paint laden apron to display her technique.

Lions sold cakes and collected over $700 in donations at the door.

Shoppers scurried past in the rain outside but some called in to the Expo which bubbled with warm and cheerful chatter. This pop-up creative community examined each other’s work and shared who-knows-what ideas and stories.

These were long days and by 4pm on Sunday everybody was ready to pack up their wares and head for home. The willing hands dismantled the Expo, stacked boards, tables and chairs, and generally put stuff back into boxes. As if by magic, but really by grown-up good will, the Dick Smith shop became a big, empty white box again.

Was the event a success? Over $2000 was raised for childhood cancer research. Twenty local artists displayed their creativity. Some large pieces were sold as well as a lot of smaller items. Most participating artists seemed keen to do it all again if the opportunity arises.

Thank you, Channel Court, for allowing us to use this vacant space. We hope that we added some life and colour to your weekend.

Thank you to all the artists who participated and to the Lions and other volunteers who made it all possible.

Workshops in 2018

One nice outcome of the Expo was a discussion about some workshops for members in the coming year. A number of artists have offered their time and skills. Watch this space for more details, but if you have a particular workshop that you would like CRAG to run, or that you would like to deliver, please talk to any of your committee.

Autumn Folk and Country Concert

This is a new initiative. More details in the new year.

September - Channel Art Trail

The first Channel Art Trail was held in September 2008. This will be the 10 th anniversary of the very popular Trail.

Wishing you a happy and safe Christmas season and a wonderfully creative year in 2018

Your Committee
President David Hopkins 6267 4004 Ned Trewartha 0499 352 843
Treasurer Dennis Sharkey 6267 4399 Elizabeth Hunn 6267 4239
Secretary Ben Marris 6267 4787 Jane Marris 6267 4787
Committee Glenn Driscoll 0407 308 439 Lucas van Rijswijk 0400 876 635

CRAG Workshops

  • There are no workshops planned at this time.

Kettering Concerts

  • Percussion Duo
    Sunday 25 March 2018, 3pm, Kettering Hall, Channel Highway. Tickets available at door $15.00


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