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Art Trail 2010

3, 4 & 5 September 10am-4pm

Five exhibitions

Consult the Art Trail Map.
  1. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, jewelry, woodwork at Kettering Hall.
  2. Quilts and Textile Art at Woodbridge Hall.
  3. Children's Art at Snug Primary School
  4. Photography at West Winds Community Centre
  5. Performance video demonstrations at West Winds Community Centre

Thirteen Open Studios

Consult the Art Trail Map.
Julian Greer
18 Harts Rd., Snug. 3D Mosaic sculptures and drawings.
Rebecca Harrison
Arjuna Ridge Retreat, 71 Warremar Way, Oyster Cove. Oil paintings.
Lesley Gould
317 Manuka Rd. Kettering. Pastels, Oils and weaving.
David Hopkins
77 Watsons Rd. Kettering. Illustrator and watercolourist.
Graham Sanders
23 Oxleys Rd. Kettering. Painter (acrylics and oils).
Ruth Sharkey
3202 Channel Highway, Trial Bay. Painter (Acrylics).
Nansy Phleger, Caroline Miller and Ian Clare
29 Clear Creek Rd. Flowerpot. Paintings, classical ceramics and ceramic figures.
Church Studio
Channel Highway, Woodbridge.
Julie Kelley, Jane Payne and others. Watercolours.
Simon Pankhurst
99 Gallaghers Rd., Flowerpot. Sculptural pieces from recycled steel and found objects.
Sue Domeney
3947 Channel Highway, Flowerpot. Textile art and quilts. Demonstrations of dyeing silk scarves.
Sue Miller
17 Rainbirds Rd., Flowerpot. Painter (acrylics and oils).
Nick Attfield
4497 Channel Highway, Middleton. Forged steel.
Mahdi Chandler and Wendy Koolhof
66 Websters Rd, Gordon. Textile arts.

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